by Unkempt Herald

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This is the second full length release from the Jersey based metal band. With "Kegare" Unkempt Herald cements their style while taking it to the next level.


released October 16, 2016

Recording and Mixing done at Unkempt Heralds own Studio 432 by Unkempt Herald and Mark Dollar. Produced by Dave Gurgick and Unkempt Herald. Mastered by Mark Dollar. All Music written by Unkempt Herald Copyright2016


all rights reserved



Unkempt Herald Bloomfield, New Jersey

Formed in the Spring of 2013, Unkempt Herald’s music features heavy grooves and odd time signatures with aggressive yet melodic vocals. Members of Unkempt Herald have toured America in various bands (Betrayus and Face Down Dead), and have released their first full length album. They are currently booking shows and hope to book a tour in the near present future. ... more

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Track Name: Paint By Numbers
Wear your crown of thorns
So hard to follow others before
You say the words and make sure
You look the part

Is it stenciled on… or does it come from the inside
Take your time as you answer the question
And color in the lines
I… I can tell that you don’t do well
on your own
do you think we don’t notice?...
do you think we don’t care?...
you’re wrong… you couldn’t be more wrong
do you think that we’re callous to your points of view
you’re wrong… you couldn’t be more wrong
do you need me to hold your hand
don’t waste time
stay in the lines
Track Name: Like White on Brown Rice
I feel the loss it leaves blood stains in its wake before I become a number ill fill you with rage
All of the love it’s not something you understand you know the way we say it feels you feel it so wrong
All of the phrases we use to expose it they fall on deaf ears cuz the numbers they give us say its all our fault… but we don’t have to stand to fall
So Im stuck in a place of a man who feels the pain but wont escape fron the hands of this evil if we don’t change.
It starts with me but then it’s you next. What do we have to do to stand as one.
They lie they pretend shake your hand and call you friend
Everything that they do is a forsaken tool that they use to buy and sell you
Don’t just walk away. Don’t just stand in line. Don’t just keep your place
You’ve got to break down the walls
Break down the walls
Track Name: Empty Sun
The empty sun divides us, tearing holes into our womb.
The lesser clad they breed us and then pull us down to consume.
When I speak I'm the devil, but they're the gods of what you want to hear.
You be great Athena, I’ll be Hades survive on the fear
Behold the passion… they bleed as we come alive’
Behold the terror. It’s the evil that lives in your mind. I grip its construct like death and eliminate all that I find(x2)
Behold the passion… they bleed as we come alive
So blissful yet tragic… we disappear from their sight
Track Name: Portrait of Ruin
I painted a picture in my mind. I think it captured all the slow decay.
You wanna make an impact on the world… but in the end nobody cares
Don’t tell me nothing
You wanna win but don’t wanna fight
You make your dim excuses
Then turn off those bright lights
You complain but aren’t part of the answer
What’s the point of your existence
It makes me sick to think I could exist alongside someone like you
Just a waste of space
All words and no action
Lacking all the points a finer man should have
Oh…. Oh no
You fall for every distraction
Like moths the blue light robs you of your will
You’re a victim of your own inaction
Allowing others to pull the trigger and kill
There are no words
You don’t speak you just sit
Your cold silence is the complacence that allows
There are no words(x2)
So sit and wait for this hell that you have made to consume us all
You sit and wait for the world to align. I want the facts, I’m not waiting for your mouth to move on and bullshit my ears…. Im done…
I’ve given you chances, excuses are through. They misinform and turn us on us, and play on our fears, and put in our ears the lies they use to control
The excuses are through
Track Name: Parabolic Flaw
They drive me crazy when they speak…
They’re causing cancer they are the cancer ohhhh…
Im steady spinning in disbelief… they say the curve is straight… I’m struck by the pride
So good at spreading the false… what is the weapon?... we are the weapon NOOOO!!!!
Then who is a shield?... we all wanna use our tool
They ask the questions but never speak… what is the answer?... THERE’S NEVER AN ANSWER TO WHY…
I kill the sickness of being weak. We’re all a part of this war… enlisted to die.
So good at spreading the false… what is the weapon?... we are the weapon NOOOO!!!!
Then who is a shield?... we all wanna use our tool
There used to be a standard but instead we just burn down the world(x2)
And the statistics show they’ll never give us the benefit of doubt… we’ll have to take it back for ourselves
And now it shows just how much they know and what they know all about.

And now it shows just what they know when they open their mouths
Track Name: Words They Speak
They tell you everything that you want to hear but you’re never satisfied.
You think that you would get the point, your being sold and it’s a game of lies.
How does it feel being played?
A flick of the wrist, a roll of the dice as they shove you around the board.
How does it feel being played
Don’t you dare pass go
You go straight to hell
You’ve got to steel your mind
I see how fragile you’ve become
You’ve got to steel your mind… how long
How does it feel being played
Don’t you dare pass go
You go straight to hell
Track Name: Thunderstorms & Nightmares
Tesla’s waiting… no one doesn’t see the end
Its bared by subtle warnings that seems small but consumes whole groups
Time is not a promise. The wisest fall to its bitter claim.
There is no motion in the dark, yet no stillness in the grave…
There is no honor in your fight, yet in loss, only shame
I’ve been terrified, I’ve been ostracized, forced to die inside from all your words
I’ve been set upon, forced to suffer scorn, made to wander on from all your words
Someone please wake me from this wretched dream(x2)

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